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Learning About Backups the Hard Way | Web Developer 4 HireWeb Developer 4 Hire

Learning About Backups the Hard Way

Web Developer 4 Hire BackupRecently, my web hosting company of over 10 years, suddenly shut down.  No warning, no explanation, no nothing.  I just wake up one day to find that my personal site along with several of my clients sites are no longer available.  First thing I do is to email the hosting company’s tech support.  No response.  I try contacting customer services and again no reply.  Same with sales.  I try to get into the control panel and can’t.  I try using FTP.  Again nothing.  Basically, they just closed up shop and went out of business with no forwarding address.

Being a web development professional, I knew enough to keep backups of the websites I work on and I was thankful that I did.  It made part of the whole process of getting my clients back online a little easier.  What I didn’t have however, were backups of any MS-SQL or MySQL databases.  Sure I used to back them up online with my hosting provider, but I never thought they would just go out of business taking all my backups with them.  All of the posts in my all my clients blog were gone.  My own personal posts were gone.

After many agonizing phone calls to clients, and hours upon hours of recreation, I vowed to NEVER let this happen to me or my clients again. During my search for a solution that would allow me to automatcally backup databases off-site, I came across two really great applications.

The first is MySqlBackupFTP which allows you to make scheduled offsite backups of MySQL databases, and the other is SQLbackupandFTP which does the same for Microsoft products.  Both offer free and paid versions which are well worth the minimal price and could save you a lot of headaches.


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