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Reasons to hire a freelance web developer | Web Developer 4 HireWeb Developer 4 Hire

Reasons to hire a freelance web developer

Indianapolis freelance web designerMost, if not all, businesses are looking to cut any unnecessary costs these days, this is great news for freelance web developer like myself, organizations are beginning to learn about the benefits of using alternatives to large agencies. Here are a few of my reasons why it could be in your best interest to hire a freelancer to complete work for you.

1 — Fraction of the Cost.

Without a doubt the most attractive benefit to businesses, as cash becomes tighter and cost-cutting solutions are explored, hiring freelancers to complete work is a great way to save. We can afford to charge much lower prices because we don’t necessarily have the same kinds of overheads that a large agency has, such as a large office and one hundred employees.

2 — Personalized Experience.

More often that not, a large organization has too little spare time on their hands to give you the personalized experience your business deserves. This experience is even more essential when it comes to launching an online presence, a website is an extension of yourself and you need to have as much input and influence on the key aspects of it such as design and layout.

Due to the fact that I am a freelancer and working alone, I have the time to speak directly with clients and really get a feel for their project. Clients often tell me that they fear approaching a large agency because they feel that they won’t have enough input or will be pushed to spend more money on needless features which they don’t fully understand, and have never had explained to them. One client, who used an agency previously, said they felt bullied into making decisions against their will, rather than having the freedom to choose.

3 — Same Standard of Work

One of the most shocking discoveries for clients I have worked with, is that a freelancer can produce work to the same (sometimes higher) standard as the work from an agency, clients most often feel like they have received exceptional value for money because of this.

4 — Aftercare Service

An aftercare service of some kind is essential to keep clients happy, no matter what field of work you are in. With websites, clients like to know that you will be on hand to help if they are having problems with the website you built. Unfortunately, larger agencies often have trouble offering a solid aftercare service because they don’t have any extra time; this is often due to the number of clients they have and the number of services they offer. Clients often feel cheated when this happens, or so a number have told me.

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